Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our Trip East and Back: Day 1- July 31,3011: Home to Little America WY.

It has been two years since we went east!!!  How the time has flown!!!!  I am going to blog every day about it for the next two weeks to tell you what we did each day!!!

We had hoped to leave first thing in the morning.  But as you know things don't always go to plan!!  We were up early.  I had some sewing to finish so I got started on that while everyone else were finishing up last minute packing and feeding kids breakfast.

Our three horses were going down to our Grandparents while we were gone, so two of my sisters them in the trailer and took them down there.

After a quick breakfast, we all helped finish loading the trailer and van.

Finally we were ready to leave!!!!  Well the little one's used the restrooms, we made sure that the chore schedule for feeding our animals, was were our friends could find it.

We got on the road for the first time at 1:30 pm.

We dropped the small van off at a friends so she could use it when she chored for us.  We discovered we had forgotten something.  Thankfully we were only 6 miles from home.  So we turned around and got it!!! It was 2:01 pm when we got on the road the second time!!

A stop at the near by Flying J for gas.  The windows were washed while we were there!!!  We had to stop 45 minutes later to get some milk for Mom as she was wanting some.  Kids used the restrooms too.

This was the first long trip for most of the little children.  We kept them occupied for a little while with games  and we had then point things to us that they saw along the way.

We all cheered when we it the Wyoming border at 4:21 pm!!!!

Taken just as we crossed the border.

I tried to make sure I knew the names of the towns we went through!!  I did pretty good!!!

T 6:00 pm we needed to stop for gas and restrooms again.  So we stopped at Little America.  After we used the restrooms we had some ice cream cones!  They were good!!!  While we ate our ice cream cones we played in the small play ground.

The parents decided to call it a day and spend the night.  We had supper in the restaurant, then walked down to our rooms.   It was only our second or third time in a hotel room!!!  The parents and five little ones were in one room and we six older ones in another!!  It was tons of fun.  Me and two of my younger sisters (Billie Jo and Bobbie Jo) shared one of the queen beds while my older sister ( Miss Melody) and other younger sister ( Butterfly) shared the other bed.  Giraffe slept on the floor in a sleeping bag.

 While we were walking to our rooms it started to rain.  It was a nice gentle rain and it was warm!!!  That is a rare thing in the west.  The light for the bath room was on the outside of the room.  So while I was in there using it once Butterfly and Billie Jo shut the light off!!!!  They ran out of the room giggling then ran back in and hid behind the beds!!!

Here are some more pictures that were taken!!  I hope you enjoy them!!!

Cool ranch!!!

Oil wells?

I would love to live here!!!