Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shawls and Shopping!!!

Every 11th of the month is Shawliday on raverly.  Well this Shawiday (February 11th)  I went to town with my mom and one of my younger sisters.  All three of us wore shawls.

This is a picture of my younger sister Billie Jo and me.  I am on the left wearing my orange summer flies and Billie Jo is on the right in the brown coat.

We went to the Local Yarn Store (LYS) as we had gift cards from our birthdays for there.  Then Billie and I went down to one of the thrift stores (The Youth Ranch) that is down the street.  We stopped at the used book store on our way back. 

At The Youth Ranch I picked up four books.
The Mountain Valley War - Louis L'Amour
Where the Long Grass Grows - Louis L'Amour
Law of The Dessert - Louis L'Amour
Little House by Boston Bay - Melissa Wiley

We went back to the yarn store choose our yarn and knitted for a while.  We had many more places we wanted to go so we did not spend as much time as we might have wanted.  After stopping at a place that mom needed to stop at.  Then we went to Wal-Mart.  Mom dropped off some pictures to be printed.  She choose the one hour so we deiced to come back and pick the up later.  We then went to the other thrift stores.  The first stop (after getting a bite to eat) was Deseret Industries (DI around here).  I got one book and some clothes that I had been needing.  The book was:

A Bride For Donnigan - Janette Oke

Goodwill was our last thrift store stop. I went in alone.  I looked at the clothes but found nothing that fit so I headed over to the books and music.  I found a few CD's and three books. Two of the books were:
How The West Was Won - Louis L'Amour
A collection of Grace Livingston Hill. It has three of her books:
Aunt Crete's Emancipation
A Daily Rate
The Girl From Montana 
And one of Isabella Alden's ( Grace's Aunt)

After I was done at Goodwill we went to the grocery store. Mom and I went in there While Billie Jo stayed in the car with the sleeping baby.  We then had to stop by Wal-Mart again to pick up the pictures.  Billie and I went in.  We also had to get catfood!!

That was my trip to town.  It has taken me a little longer to type this than I thought it would.  I had a fun day!!!