Friday, August 9, 2013

Our Trip East and Back: Day 10- August 9, 2011: Nippersink.

Lets see what happened today.......

In the morning we were just around the resort again.  My Aunt came by again and brought her boyfriend for us all to meet.

In the afternoon we lids played at a park ( on that we 6 older ones played at all the time when we lived in the neighborhood years ago.  It had changed a little!!), while our van was at the mechanic's

Playing at the park!!!

Swinging!!!  WEE!!!

More swings!!!
Lets dig!!!!

I need to dig too!!!!

Me three!!!!

After they looked at our van (don't remember if they worked on it) we went to our friends (the family of my girlfriend that was married) for supper.  for supper we had pizza!!!  YUM!!!!! YUM!!!!!  Then we visited for a while.  We had a great evening.   It was a good time.
This pictures was taken at our friends house.

Peacock Girl.

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