Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Trip East and Back: Day 14- August 13, 2011: Letts IA to Omaha NE.

Yesterday started our journey home, even though we were going south and our home was west!!!!

We were up early and got to help with breakfast.  After breakfast we spent the morning folding our laundry and packing it.  Packing the van and trailer again too!!!  It seemed at each stop we made we added more to the trailer!!!  I know for a fact that we came home with more than we took!!!!

We took some group pictures. Used the restrooms and said Goodbye :(

We left my Aunt's house at 11:58 pm.  We didn't want to go.  We were joking around with our cousin about pulling the spark plug!!!!

We were now on our loooong trek home!!!

The first stop we made at 2:45 pm was just east of Des Moines IA at the rest area.  We had something to eat and the kids ran around.  We were there for about 45 minutes.  It was a really cool rest stop!!!!!

At the rest stop near Des Moines.

The other side.

One of the picnic areas.

Back on the road!!! There were lots of things to see.  I found it hard to concentrate on my book!!!  It seemed to us that Iowa had a lot of 'electric' windmills. 

5:35 pm.  Brief stop just east of council Bluffs to find a place to eat.  Found this cool pizza place.  It had license plates all over this one wall.  And the pizza was good!!  There was this yummy taco pizza!!

Back on the road by 7:12 pm.  Now we are headed to a motel for the night.  Oh the motel is in Omaha NE!!!!

7:37 pm.  Crossed the Missouri River!!!  Now we are in Nebraska.

We got a little lost while we were looking for our motel.  Omaha is a BIG city!!!!  Found the road.  We had gone past it!!!   We turned around in the Oriental Trading Center head quarters parking lot!!!!!

OTC sign!!!!

Our motel sign.

The front of our motel!!!

Got what we needed out of the van and trailer.  Once again we six older ones were in one room and the parents and little ones were in another one.

Peacock Girl.

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