Friday, August 2, 2013

Our Trip East and Back: Day 3- August 2, 2011: Newcastle to Beaver Creek.

We waited to have breakfast until our friends son showed up.  While we waited, I took the little ones on a walk.  On the way back the son passed us with the swather.  He had brought it over to mow down a small area near his parents place.

We then had breakfast, which was good and we had a jolly time.  After breakfast while the son gave Giraffe and the little ones rides in the swather, we big girls packed up all our things.

We left at 10: 56 am.  We had wanted to leave sooner , but our camera battery had to charge!!!

It was wonderful driving through the Black Hills!  Lots of cool things .  We saw the entrance to Jewel Caves!!!  Some day I might go there!!  Got to drive through some wonderful forrests!! 

Black hills!!

Stopped for gas and restrooms in Custer.  Saw some cool things in Custer!

Got to see Crazy Horse from the road.  It looked pretty neat!!! Spotted some helicopters giving people rides  to see Crazy Horse.

Crazy Horse.

We arrived at Mt. Rushmore at about 12:45 pm.  I have wanted to see Mt Rushmore for a long time!!!  I finally got to see it!!  Looked at the faces from the Grand Terrace.  Then went down and walked through the museum.  Really neat stuff there.  We didn't hike any of the trails as we didn't have time!

Left Mt. Rushmore at 1:55 pm.

The heads!!

Avenue of flags.

We drove through Keystone SD.  There were tons of motorcycles lining the streets.  We counted them, but I don't remember what the number was!!!

All those motorcycles!!!

And even more!!!

Lots of good scenery too!!!!  Once we got out of the Black Hills, South Dakota was pretty flat.

At  4:25 we crossed the Central Time Zone.  So t ime to turn the clocks ahead an hour.  I didn't g=change mine!!!

South Dakota was different from where we are from!!!  It took some of us a little time to realize that there were no mountains in the distance!!!!  Saw lots of interesting things though!!!  They cut the sides of the freeway and baled them!!!! 

We crossed the Missouri River just before we stopped for food.  It was awesome!!!!!

Missouri River.

Stopped at Chanberlain for food!!!  Went to McDonald's.    Called our friends that that were doing our chores to see how our animals were doing.  And we called our Grandparents to check on our horses too.  All was fine.

McDonald's in Chamberlain.

Sign we saw while sitting in the McDonald's parking lot.

We started counting down the miles to our friends house in western MN!!!!!

A wonderful sunset we saw before entering MN.

Same sunset!!!!

At 9:46 pm we crossed into MN!!!  Only a few more miles!!!  Everyone was getting hyped!!!  Especially Bobbie Jo as she was going to see her best friend, who she hadn't seen in over 7 years!!!!

9:56 pm WE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone was glad to see each other (and glad to get out of the van!!  We were going to be spending a few days here)!!  After greeting each other, we all went off in different ways!  Oh this family has 10 children!!!!  Only 9 of them were there.

Finally it was decided where everyone was going to sleep.  Me and my friend, Bobbie Jo and her friend, Billie Jo, my three littlest sister and my friends youngest sister were all going to sleep in their little house a few hundred yards away.  We showered the three little girls then we big girls showered.

Me and my girlfriend were sleeping in a bed with my youngest sister.  Bobbie Jo, Billie Jo and Bobbies friend were slepping in another bed while the other three little girls shared a bed on the floor.

Me and my friend fell asleep around 2 am.  Bobbie and her friend around 4:30 am!!!!!!

It was sooooo good to see these friends again!!!!! 


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