Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our Trip East and Back: Day 12- August 11,2011: Nippersink.

Well this morning we didn't sit around the resort.  Mom dropped her husband and the little ones off to play mini golf while we six older ones went to Lake Geneva to met some old friends.

It was good to see them again!!  We walked around the farmer's market, then down to the lake.  We talk and some played in the lake.

Taken at the lake.

Another one!!!

Cute duck!!!

River boat!!!

After a while they had to go, so we said Goodbye.  We then went and picked up the rest from a park where they had walked when they were done golfing.

After picking them up, we went grocery shopping.  Billie, Bobbie and I did the shopping.  We went to Wal-Mart.  It was a Wal-Mart we had gone to all the time when we had lived in the area!!!!

We went back to the resort for the afternoon.  We put the food away.  Then our Aunt stopped by with her youngest daughter.  They had came by to bring some stuff and say Goodbye again!!!!

In the evening we went back to Lake Geneva to have supper with friends (the parents and sisters of my girlfriend that was married).  We went to a park (the park we picked up the rest of the family from earlier!!!!).  Before supper we kids played on the play ground.

Double swinging!!!!  FUN!!!


For supper we had sandwich's.  They were good!!!!  After supper, we went for a walk on the board walk that goes around the lake.  We didn't go far (the entire board walk in over 20 miles long!!!)

Wonderful scenery!!!

Part of the board walk

One of the houses.

Anther one!!!

When we got back, we played some more then we finished packing up all the stuff, got some group pictures.  Then we said Goodbye.  Goodbyes are always hard when they are to people you love and care about.

We started packing when we got back as we were leaving in the morning.

(I could post more pictures!!!!  Maybe I will come and post more tomorrow as I am running out of time today!!!!)

Peacock Girl.

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