Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our trip East and Back: Day 5- August 4, 2011: Beaver Creek.

It was nice to be able to spend an extra day with our friends.

Mom needed some clothes for this wedding we were going to in 3 days (that is the reason we were going east).  So after a breakfast of pancakes and morning family worship, Mom, our friends Mom, Melody and her friend B., went into Sioux Falls to shop all day! 

I am not sure what the rest of us did that morning!!!!  Maybe played some more games?!!!!!

After a lunch of Taco Salad we played some more games of frisbee.

Then we had another water fight.  But this time we changed into our swim clothes.  We had teams again, but I don't remember what they were.  We got nice and wet!!!

To dry off we played kick ball.  It was tons of fun!!!  Then N. (one of the boys) had to go and fry the chicken for supper.

The shoppers got home and we then ate supper.

Me and my friend P. were going to goon a bike ride.  So we ate fast, then went off. 

Just before we finished eating, this crop duster plane flew low over head.  N. and M. two of the boys went and climbed on top of one of the silos that was in their yard.

The two boys on top of the silo.

Here they are again!

The crop duster plane.

Our bike ride was good.  When we got back, we went and got a bunch of pictures of just us 'kids'.  After pictures we watched a movie.

A random picture.

The movie we watched was the 1994 Little Women.  The mom's and most of the little ones didn't watch the movie.  We had a fun time watching the movie.  Popcorn was popped!!!  I didn't have any as I don't like popcorn. 

After the movie we went to bed.  Once again it was after mid-night when we got into bed!!!  I don't think we got in to be before 11 any of the nights we were on the trip.

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