Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our Trip East and Back: Day 4- August 3, 2011: Beaver Creek.

Due to being up late, we woke up later than we usually would have.

Billie Jo woke up first.  She was working on one of her stories than heard our little sister so came to see if we were awake.  Soon we all were up except Bobbies friend E.  We all went over to the big house for breakfast.

We then had family worship.  E wasn't up yet so 'The Sheriff' ( one of E's younger bros.  he got the nick name later in the day when he was wearing Bobbie Jo's cowboy hat and pretending to be the sheriff) and Bobbie went over to wake her up.

After family worship we went outside and played games all day!!!!

We learned how to play ultimate frisbee!!! 

Playing ultimate frisbee.

Before lunch, 'The Sheriff', E, Bobbie and one or two of E's bros got started in a water balloon war.  I joined 'The Sheriff'.  Soon we had teams.  It was 'The Sheriff', me and I think one or two of the little ones joined us for a little while.  My friend P joined us half way through.  The other team was Bobbie, her friend E, Billie and I think they had one or two of the little girls for a while.  We were filling water balloons and trowing them.  We were also storing some so we had a big pile laid up!!!!  Then when Bobbie, E and Billie came out of the camper where they had been filling their balloons, we sprayed them.  Oh we were using the hose to fill our balloons.  Then the five of us ('The Sheriff', E, Bobbie, Billie and me) got into a fight over the hose as it had the nice handy water balloon nozzle on it!!!!  By the end four of were soaked (Billie was the only one that wasn't).  Bobbie and E went and changed.  'The Sheriff and I decided we would let our clothes dry on us!!!!

I think we had hamburgers for lunch that day!!!

We played some more games of frisbee.  We also played a few other games.

We had a bonfire that night and roasted Hot Dogs over it!!!  They were good and we had lots of fun!!!

The bonfire.

We had family worship again.  After worship we girls went down to B's (Melodys friend) room to pray.

We were going to be leaving the next day.   We wanted to leave, but we didn't!! '

During our prayer time we had some interruptions.  During one of the we found out we would be spending another day and night!!!

We spent the night in the big house.  We did have to go over and get the air mattress from the little house!!!!

Peacock Girl

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