Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Trip East and Back: Day 13- August 12,2011: Nippersink to Letts IA.

We were up fairly early to finish packing.  Then Bobbie and I packed the van and trailer.  Our start was delayed a little.

We left the resort at 12:15 pm.

We drove back roads for most of the early afternoon.  Went through some towns and saw lots of farm land.  Saw some pretty interesting stuff too!!!

At 2:00 pm we stopped at a park outside  of Marengo IL.  We ate lunch then played for about an hour.  Left the park at 3:17 pm. 

The park sign.

Some pretty wildflowers.

At 6:43 pm we crossed the Mississippi River by the Quad City's.  We were now in Iowa.   Saw some pig farms so we knew we were in Iowa!!!!  It was good to be back!!!

The bridge.

The Mississippi River.

We were all really anxious to reach our destination!!!  After not having to sit all day in the van for the last five days it was a little hard for some people to be back in the van and we just wanted to reach our Aunt's house (my dad's younger sister)!!!!

7:10 pm.  Muscatine.  Only 13 miles to go!!!

7:20 pm.  Reached Letts.  Only a few streets and we will be there!!! 

My Aunt, her husband and two children and another cousin were all there to greet us!!

It has been way toooo long since we last saw them!!!  After saying hello we ate supper.

For supper we had hamburgers, potato chips, corn (which was really yummy!!) and I think some other things for supper, but I can't think what they were!!!!!

The fire.

By the fire.

Playing basketball.

After supper we got out of the trailer what we needed for the night.  Then we got beds figured out.  Before showering and going to bed, we older ones sat outside by the fire and talked!!!!  Got a little caught up!!!  We then showered and said Goodnight!!

We also had to some laundry!!!  Bobbie was up past 1:00 am doing it!!!

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