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Our Trip East and Back: Day 15- August 14, 2011: Omaha NE to Laramie WY.

We woke up fairly early.  We helped the kids dress, then we packed up or stuff in the rooms and got it put back in the trailer.

We were on the road by 9: 41 am.  We stopped at Burger King for breakfast.

10: 21 am.  Passed Lincoln the capital of Nebraska.  Wish we had, had more time.  I would like to have stop.  Some day I am going to visit all the capital's of the states!!!

12:09 pm.  Stopped near Grand Island for gas and restrooms.  Then we headed to Wal-Mart in Grand Island.  The parents went into buy some food.

1:00 pm.  Leaving Wal-Mart.  Headed back on to the interstate.  I made lunch while we were drove.  It was a little hard, but we were just having sandwiches.  By the end of the trip I was Pretty good at making sandwiches while we were driving!!!!

Passed under The Great Platte River Archway Monument.  It was really awesome!!!

At 2:53 pm we stopped for restrooms again.  This time it was at a really cool rest area.  They had a lot of historical information there.  We made it a long stop!!!

This was one of the signs at the rest area.

And another one

This was cool.
A sculpture.

The sign for the sculptures.

3:54 pm. Been back on the road for 15 minutes.  Saw this barn or building with this giraffe head sticking out!!!  Don't know if it was real or fake!!!  It was really cool!!!

Stopped at North Platte for gas.  It was interesting.  The town is North Platte, but it was by the South Platte River!!!

Saw this cottenwood growing out of a juniper tree!!!!

4:30/3:30 pm.  Crossed back into mountain time!!!!!

4:39 pm.  Started to get back into the foothills again!!  It is nice to be back in the mountains, but I really wish I was back in Wisconsin.

A hill in Nebraska.

An oil rig.

Nice barn.

4:56 pm.  Passed Cabela's World Headquarters!!  Now I have never been to Cabela's, but I have heard a lot about it!!!  Some day I will go there.

5:51pm.  Crossed back into Wyoming!!!  Stopped in Pine Bluffs, a small town just and I mean JUST over the border.  Gas and restrooms again!!!!

A while before we reached Cheyenne, we saw this white and turquoise adobe/teepee house!!!  It was cool looking!!!

Passed by Cheyenne.  A few of us wished we could have been a couple of weeks earlier and had more time!!!  Then we could have stopped and seen the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo!!!


A cool pile of rocks.

7:40 pm.  Passed Lincoln Museum.  It was up on a hill.  There was also an iron statue of Lincoln's head above a red rock faced hill.  It was cool.  Going up  that big hill (it was a mountain pass I believe) and going down the other side was awesome!!!  When we were going down we could see Laramie in the distant.

The Lincoln Museum.

We stopped at 7:50 pm in Laramie for the night.  Once again we stayed at a motel.  This one was a Comfort Inn.

We had a grand time there!!!!  We parked near the door to unload what we needed for the night.  While we were unloading, Bobbie went off to take some awesome pictures of the sunset.  Giraffe was standing by the trailer waiting for us to give him things to take in.  He shouted across the parking lot to Bobbie  'There is a cowboy'!!!!   Now the cowboy was standing about 6 ft. from Bobbie!!!  He just smiled and waved!!!

One of the pictures Bobbie went to take.

We unloaded and took the elevator up!!  It was cool!!!  Billie, Bobbie and I had to go back down to the van and get some things we forgot.  We had to wait as Mom's husband was parking the van.  It so happened that the van was parked next to the cowboys truck!!!  He had a dog, so Billie and Bobbie stopped to pet the the dog while I went and got the stuff.  I came back and the three of us stood there talking to him for a few minutes.

Then when I was going into the parents room (it was we six and then the parents and little ones) to help put the little ones to bed!  The cowboys come up to his room!!!  He was a few doors down from us!!  It was kinda funny how that all worked out!!!

The moon looked like this out our window.

This was across the street from us.

Peacock Girl

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