Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our Trip East and Back: Day 8- August 7, 2011: Nippersink.

Today was my girlfriends wedding!!!

The parents left for the laundry mat before breakfast to wash some laundry we needed for the wedding.

We fed the kids, then Melody and me went our to help the mother of the bride decorate for the wedding.  When the parents got back, Bobbie, Billie and Butterfly came over.

Where the reception was.

Center piece.

Wedding party table.

We most of it set up.  There were just a few things that had to be done just before the ceremony.

Some swans that were on the lake that by the wedding!!

We all went back to our rooms to shower and  dress for the wedding.  It rained while we were getting ready, so the seats were wet when we got there (it was an outside wedding).

A few of us (I believe it was Bobbie, Melody and me) went over first.  The rest followed.  Melody and I went into the 'brides room' where the bride, her brides maids and her mother were to make sure there was nothing more we needed to and see my friend before she was married.  It was good to be able to wish her before she was married.

It started to rain just before the brides maids came out.  They were going to delay the wedding until the rain stopped, but just as everyone stood up, the rain stopped!!!  IT rained a little during the ceremony too!!!  The bride, groom and their attendants were in a gazebo, so they didn't get rained on.  It didn't rain that much, we just got damp.  Thankfully it was a warm rain!!!!

The bride and groom.

After the ceremony the wedding party went off to have pictures taken.  The guest wandered around or went and found their table.  Soon the wedding party joined everyone.  We had a yummy dinner.  After dinner there was dancing.  Then we sent off prayer lanterns with a prayer for the new couple!!!

Wedding party!!!

Love this picture!!!

The first dance.

Father daughter dance.

Mother son dance.

Setting off the prayer lanterns.

The cake!!!!

The bride and groom left in a limo, so there was no car to decorate.

We helped take all the gifts out to the brides parents car.  We also helped do most of the cleaning up.

Then it was back to our rooms and bed!!!  We did get a few pictures of us in our nice clothes before going to bed!

Peacock Girl.

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