Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our Trip East and Back: Day 16- August 15,2011: Laramie to Home!!

Today was our last day on the road.  Some people were really looking forward to getting home.  I for one was not.  I like to travel.

We were up early.  We packed up our stuff and put in the trailer.  The hotel served breakfast, so ate there this morning.  It was good food!!

When Bobbie went and out the camera in the van just before breakfast, she saw our cowboy friend!!!

Our Inn.

We left Comfort Inn at 7:40 am.

At 7:46 am we passed this billboard that said 'Butch Cassideys Big House Wyoming Territory Prison.  It would have been awesome to stop and see it.  Great historical place!!!

Stopped for gas at 7:50 am.

Saw lots of antelope in the fields a long the side interstate.

Stop in Rawlins for gas and restrooms.  We also had to stop at the dealership to drop off something they had left in our van.

Some awesome scenery!!!

Another one!!!!

This was really cool looking!!

Stopped at noon in Rock Springs for gas and restrooms again!!

Back on the road.  We are going to have lunch on the road again.  I was really hoping we could stop at a park to eat, but we weren't able to.  We are 5 hours from home now!

12:40 pm.  Passed through the Green River tunnel again.

Just after 1:00 pm we got off the interstate onto the hwy that we needed to take to home.  Passed Little America just before we got off.  Didn't stop.

Little America as we whizzed by!!!

2:38 pm we crossed the Wyoming border.  Now we are back into our home state!!!!

3:21 pm Stopped for restrooms again.  Cool place that we stopped at!!

4:29 pm.  Stopped at our local gas station for gas again!!!!

4:54 pm.  HOME!!!!

We unloaded the van and trailer, as the trailer had to go back early the next morning (it was a U-Haul trailer)!

I was sad the journey was over.  I did have a great time.  Wish we could have had more time and been able to see more people!!

I hope you have enjoyed my journey with me!!!

Peacock Girl.

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